February 9, 2011

twice removed: a survey of take away work

i'm thrilled to have a small piece in this show at golden age in chicago (thanks to kevin curran at the laundromat gallery in brooklyn):

twice removed: a survey of take away work
28 january - 6 march 2011

you can see installation images here

encountering the “take away" artwork, consisting of unlimited or large-run editions whose individual pieces are free for the taking, has become a common occurrence in contemporary art exhibitions. a strategy notably employed in félix gonzález-torres’ “stack” works, the take away has been used by many other artists with a variety of intents and forms. the spirit of generosity, an exploration of dispersion and the attempt to circumvent the art market are just a few of the potential motivations cited for generating take away works. twice removed aims to provide a venue where the multiplicity of meanings and post-exhibition life implied by the take away model can be considered by exhibiting single units of these works together.

the project will take form as an exhibition, website and pamphlet to be published by golden age at the conclusion of the show. organized by karly wildenhaus, a creative administrator and independent curator living in chicago.

golden age
119 n peoria st #2D
chicago il 60607