April 17, 2011

site / sound / space

the other week, writer and photographer katarina hybenova came by for a studio visit and wrote about our meeting on her blog, the bushwick daily, where she brought up some interesting questions about the connections between sculpture and sound. after giving it some thought, one of the convergences between the two would have to be an experience surrounding the body. it might be something like this, from the sight of sound: music, representation, and the body by richard leppert:

"the body, simultaneously site, sight, and possessing sight, is an object of tactile sensation and an aural phenomenon. the body sounds: it is audible; it hears."

katarina mainly came by to talk about my new sound piece for in the use of others for the change, a ballet performance by london-based choreographer julia gleich and jason andrew of brooklyn's norte maar. the performance, a collaborative effort featuring work by austin thomas, kevin regan, and andrew hurst, took place over the course of three evenings this past weekend at the center for performance research.

dancers include michelle buckley, brittany fridenstine-keefe, kate kelley, morgan mcewen, claire mckeveny, and mary jane ward. there's a nice interview explaining the process with julia featured on hyperallergic by writer and blogger hrag vartanian.