October 7, 2011

the poetics of responding

an echo—a tint of sound like color rushing in the wind
can sound take on a geometric quality?
is it the shape of my mouth?

a voice


he wants to know 'if the train went under the sea'
if the line from my eyes to my hands is dotted



clings dramatically to the page
never a circle or persistent ringing
we meander along frivolous edges meantime

these are just a few lines from a project i've been working on with the very talented writer christine hou. we're putting together a publication of our conversations, a series of image and text exchanges that took place over email. the book, concrete sound, will be featured in conjunction with my upcoming solo project at norte maar opening at the end of october.

her work, a beautiful collection of poems titled accumulations, was recently published by the independent press publication studio. you can read a selection of writing on her blog hypothetical arrangements and be sure to keep an eye out for her reviews on dance and performance in the brooklyn rail.